SuperCat Pack & Carry Bag

The Pack and Carry Bag comes supplied with replacement straps with clasps for SuperCat seat. Remove existing straps and replace.
Unsnap the bottom metal clasps next to the pontoons at each side of the SuperCat seat then unbuckle seat side straps and fold the seatback down. Deflate pontoons and fold each under the seat from the sides. Fold the four ends of the pontoons under the pontoons and seat.
With the unzipped Pack & Carry Bag lying with the belt loop and strap opening on top, slide the SuperCat into the Pack & Carry Bag as shown below.
Pack & Carry Bag - Backpack Style:

Pack & Carry Bag - Backpack Style:

Before zipping the bag closed, push the clasp ends of the seat side straps through the slot at the upper center of the bag. The clasp is then clipped to the triangular rings at the bottom of each side of the bag. Adjust straps and it is ready to use.
The Pack & Carry Bag is pictured here with the Waterproof Rear Bag attached just to give you another idea how to backpack the SuperCat fully prepared.
Simply leave the straps of the SuperCat inside the Pack & Carry Bag and pull the two side straps of the Pack & Carry Bag together and snap the strap cover. It is ready to use.

The unique design features of the "SuperCat" are protected by Patent #5,290,196.