SuperCat Row Frame Installation Instructions

SuperCat Row Frame Assembly Instructions
1.) With your SuperCat softly inflated, remove the end plug from the front of the seat frame on each side.

2.) At the lower front of the seat there is a pin strap. This has Velcro and wraps around the base of the frame holding the ride-height adjustment straps in place. Release the pin strap and let it hang down while assembling your row frame.

3.) Connect the 'horns' together.

The row frame 'horns' put together ready for the side tubes.
4.) Take the two side tubes and slide the uncoated ends through the openings on the 'horns' until the snap button engages.

5.) Brace the back of your SuperCat against a wall or other rigid surface. Begin inserting the uncoated ends of the tubes of the row frame into the tubes of the mainframe, where the end plugs were removed. Both sides should be inserted at the same time.

6.) While holding the coated ends of the row frame gently push forward. The ends should fully insert into the mainframe with little force.

***Warning*** Do not force the pieces together, this can cause the frames to bind up and become stuck together. Instead, if you encounter difficulty, simply stop and remove the row frame from the mainframe and begin again.
***All of the uncoated ends are rubbed with wax prior to boxing. You can always re-coat the ends with wax if you are having trouble with the assembly.
Side tubes being inserted into mainframe.
7.) Now wrap the Velcro pin strap around both bars to secure the the row frame to the mainframe.

Wrap the pinstrap to secure the frames together.
8.) The footrest can now be attached to the ends of the side tubes and the thumb screws tightened into the set holes best suited for your height.
Footrest is slid into place and the set screw tightened.

The unique design features of the "SuperCat" are protected by Patent #5,290,196.