SuperCat  Backpackable Pontoon Style Boat

How many times have you looked at a pond, stream or lake, saw fish jump and thought, "That looks like a hot spot for fishing if only I could just get to them."
Imagine the ease of backpacking the SuperCat to your favorite fishing spot. Whether it is a short walk or a long walk, with the SuperCat, it's a snap. Fold the seatback in a down position so the seat straps can be used as the backpack straps. Reverse the tension strap at the back of the inflated pontoons. That is all there is to it. So easy! Strap it on like a simple backpack and it is streamlined enough for a serious trek without bouncing off the scenery. In backpacking mode, pontoons are 28" wide and incredibly light at 12 1/2 pounds.
Backpack to your favorite water

Backpack to your favorite water

Or you can load the SuperCat in the Pack & Carry Bag with waders, fins, pump and enough gear for your fishing trip and upon reaching your favorite water, inflate the pontoons in 2-3 minutes, slip into your fins, wade out a few steps, sit down in the seat, attach the stripping apron and kick or row out to the fishing.
The dual purpose, airport friendly, Pack & Carry Bag can be used in the backpack mode or suitcase mode. There is plenty of room in the bag for two SuperCats, fins, pump and fishing gear.
SuperCat, the next generation of packable fishing craft, offers many advantages:

no assembly required

ready to inflate out of the box

lightweight (12 1/2 pounds)

backpackable in seconds

comfortable on the water

ride height adjustments with a 3" range

fully adjustable backrest

greater visibility because you float higher

less seat contact with water/stay warmer/improved mobility

enhanced stability due to rounded pontoons

unencumbered casting
wind resistant

optional rowing frame

adjustable foot bar

rope eye on front of pontoon

optional rowing frame mounts to SuperCat frame in seconds

Two sizes available

Two sizes available

SuperCat 50 includes two 50" long pontoons; mainframe (heliarc welded, powder-coated aircraft aluminum) which supports a 19" wide, fold down seat; one rear bag; two side bags and a stripping apron. Weighs only 12 1/2 pounds. Great for fishermen weighing less than 250 pounds.
SuperCat 60 is similar to SuperCat 50 but with 60" long pontoons. Weighs only 14 pounds. Great for fishermen weighing less than 300 pounds.

The unique design features of the "SuperCat" are protected by Patent #5,290,196.