SuperCat  Backpackable Pontoon Boat

The SuperCat comes to you fully assembled. All you need to do is remove it from the box and inflate the pontoons.
Simple and convenient!

Each SuperCat consists of a main frame, fabricated using 6061 aircraft aluminum which is heliarc welded and powder coated, two pontoons (50" or 60"), heavy duty reinforced seat hinges, 2 pack straps, 1 blue/orange rear bag, 2 blue/orange side bags, 1 stripping apron and 1 repair kit.

And this boat comes in two lengths depending on the anglers size. For the tall anglers or those weighing over 225 lbs, the 60" is best. For all others the standard 50" will work perfectly.

The SuperCat pontoons are manufactured using a UV resistant material, so you get a long life out of your boat! It will experience less discoloration over a longer period of time and wont become brittle. Storing your SuperCat in a warm, dry place will also prolong its life considerably.
Dennis Yanglin backpacking his SuperCat at Lake Sonoma
Lightweight at 12.5 lbs, a twin floatation system, durable, wind resistant and portable, this boat has it all! With a portable hand pump it's quick to inflate and with the push of a button, quick to deflate.
The backrest folds down and the frame becomes a pack frame for carrying the SuperCat, inflated or deflated. Reverse the tension strap at the rear of the pontoons and the SuperCat narrows to only 28" wide! And weighing less than 13 lbs, it's light enough to backpack even for children!
Kevin William's SuperCat at his secret fishing spot!
How many times have you looked at a pond, stream or lake, saw fish jump and thought, "That looks like a hot spot for fishing if only I could just get to them."

Just imagine the ease of backpacking the SuperCat to your favorite fishing spot. Strap it on like a simple backpack with its pontoons in a fold back position and it becomes very streamlined at 28" wide. This, combined with its light weight, makes it easy for a long hike or a short walk to that ideal locale. It takes little effort to transport it and it won't wear you out reaching your destination!

Don't forget to always keep a pump with you when traveling or using the SuperCat!

The unique design features of the "SuperCat" are protected by Patent #5,290,196.