SuperCat Conversion to Backpacking Mode

Backpacking Mode
Dennis Yanglin backpacking his SuperCat on Lake Sonoma
In 'fishing mode' the SuperCat measures approximately 45" wide, from the outside of the pontoons. In 'backpacking mode' the boat is a mere 28" wide! This can be achieved in a matter of minutes by the simple process of reversing the tension strap.

1. Lay the seat into the down position. The seat straps will be used as the backpack straps.

2. Unclip the tensions strap (located at the back of the boat) and extend it to its maximum length. Insert one clip end of the buckle into the receiver clip on the pontoon. Then wrap the strap around the underside of the pontoons and insert the other clip end into the second receiver. Finally pull the strap tight, pulling the pontoons in.

That's all there is to it, it's just that easy!
Tension Strap Reversed

The unique design features of the "SuperCat" are protected by Patent #5,290,196.