" SuperCat" #1 inflatable, backpackable, pontoon boat for stillwater fishing!

Wisconsin Pond

Wisconsin Pond

An inflatable pontoon style kickboat/rowboat with a REAL  difference!

An inflatable pontoon style kickboat/rowboat with a REAL difference!

The SuperCat inflatable pontoon boat is an extremely stable,incredibly lightweight, versatile pontoon style kickboat/rowboat for fresh water or saltwater stillwater fishing. It truly is "the next generation" of packable fishing craft for fly-fishermen. Recreational fishermen seeking nearly every species can put this craft to good use. It is a step above all other float tubes, belly boats and single person fishing craft and has proven to be far more durable than the rest.
Recreational fishermen, backpackers, fishing instructors, professional guides/outfitters, authors and TV personalities like Denny Rickards, have recognized the strengths of the comfortable, versatile and functional design of the remarkable SuperCat inflatable pontoon boat.
The SuperCat is a revolutionary and evolutionary step in the field of single person fishing craft, a field which has enjoyed phenominal growth over the past decade as more people enjoy travel, the great outdoors and the sport of recreational fishing.
The SuperCat is a complete system (kickboat, rowboat, backpack, travel) and is engineered so that it is upgradeable with numerous accessories to provide fishermen a truly unique stillwater fishing experience.
Two sizes are available to accommodate most body weights.
The SuperCat is ideal for fly-in fishing trips and packs easily into the smallest aircraft.
The storage space required is less than three cubic feet when fully assembled with the pontoons deflated.

The unique design features of the "SuperCat" are protected by Patent #5,290,196.