Adjust the Ride Height for your SuperCat

The SuperCat has three ride height adjustments which gives a 3" overall range, up or down.

Each boat is shipped with the ride height set at the mid point and can be adjusted 1.5" above or below its original setting.

Ride Height Adjustment

1.) Unwrap the Velcro straps that are fastened to the seat bottom (located at the from and rear of the seat). Then remove the split rings and clevis pins.

2.) Choose your ride height adjustment. To lower the ride height, lengthen the straps by using the grommet closest to the end of the straps. To raise the ride height, shorten the straps by using the grommet closest to the pontoon.

3.) Insert the clevis pin first through the grommet hole on the pin strap, then into the desired grommet hole on both straps. Make sure both the front and back height adjustments are the same. The reinstall the split ring and rewrap the Velcro pin strap.

If you would like to adjust the height raised slightly more, simply tighten the tension strap (located at the back of the pontoons) until it pulls the pontoons slighted toward one another about 1"-2". At the rear of the boat the pontoons will angle slightly inward.

The unique design features of the "SuperCat" are protected by Patent #5,290,196.